Our Mission, Vision & Core Values

Our Mission

BuildAbility creates the space for individuals with disabilities to consider a life without limitations then helps them take the steps needed to make that life a possibility.

Our Vision

To develop and maintain resources that allow our participants to actively shape their own futures within a community that includes them fully.

Our Core Values

Culture of Collaboration and Excellence

By passionately working together with mutual respect for participants, stakeholders, and other professionals, we challenge each other to achieve the best possible outcomes for the people we serve.

Dedication to Diversity and Integrity

Embracing diversity and delivering valued services to our participants, BuildAbility is committed to an ethical approach to all organizational activities and to being an outstanding steward of public funds. Integrity is the foundation of our individual and collective actions and drives an organization of which we can all be proud.

Commitment to Engagement and Connectivity

With an innovative and empowering spirit, we engage one another and our local community to develop solutions and ideas that facilitate the lives without limits envisioned by our participants.